Tea Tools

There are so many ‘tools’ available these days for brewing tea. Surely our grandparents coped well with the old tea leaf strainer and nothing much more? I guess because the mighty tea bag was invented the tea strainers went out of vogue for a while. I remember the excitement back in the 80s when PG Tips brought out a plastic tea bag squeezer in their boxes of tea bags, LOL if only they could see what we have now! Lucky for me and thousands of other tea lovers the tools of the trade are far reaching….my favourite being the Tea Stick ♥ This is perfect for single cups of tea using tea leaves, and especially for the finer teas – no floaters or mouthfuls of tea leaves at the bottom of the cup, and it looks pretty too. I personally use a glass tea pot (pictured) with a mesh strainer built into it, so easy and I get to see how my tea is brewing. The little mesh baskets are fab for fruit tisane type teas and so nice to pop into a gift box of teas for a friend ♥ Happy tea drinking my friends ♥


4 thoughts on “Tea Tools

  1. I hate it when the Chinese tea pots don’t have enough water to cover the tea preparation
    It has to brew……..
    I love 💕 a teapot and strainer


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