Loving Me some Canadian Teas ♥

Got to love it when friends and family travel away and get you some exotic teas to try. My sister just spent a white Christmas in Canada and yesterday I received these little beauties in the mail. Maple Tea – is exactly what it says Black Tea and Maple Syrup, my partner thinks this is the best thing. He loves his tea sweeter than I do; on a crisp evening this is just the ticket. Now the Icewine Tea – this is a unique blend of pure premium Ceylon Tea flavoured with nature identical Icewine. Apparently (Google was my friend) Icewine is a rare and exquisite treasure…grapes are naturally frozen on the vine in Canada’s frigid winter and then harvested and pressed. The wine vinted from this sweet, concentrated juice has a luxurious flavour. It is served hot and smells divine. Needless to say I have 10 tea Bags of this and I will be making them last 😉


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