To Brew a Cup of Tea ♥

This just seemed to be perfect for how I am feeling at the moment. Our world as we know it in New Zealand has been rocked, shattered; and in its wake we are left numb, saddened, angry and ashamed. For me, I find withdrawing into my own thoughts and space comforting. I spent time with a close friend today, we walked, talked and consoled. My garden was my next refuge, I toiled away with the heat of the sun surrounding me like a cloak of warmth and comfort. Of course I stopped to reflect, ponder and question… all while making a cup of tea. Look after yourselves, your friends and family and do what makes you happy. Take time for you ♥

To Brew a Cup of Tea ♥

8 thoughts on “To Brew a Cup of Tea ♥

  1. Beautifully written Justine! Perhaps if we only had more tea drinkers (and therefore more calm people) the world would be a less crazy, stressed place.


    1. Thank you so much Chris, coming form you that is high praise indeed. I totally agree with the idea of everyone drinking tea and being calm…such a nice place to be.


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