Gift Ideas for the Tea-lover you know ♥

Who doesn’t love presents? Whether it is giving or receiving I love presents ♥ I feel the need to share my love of tea and what better way than to pop a few ‘special’ individually wrapped tea bags into an envelope with a wee card to say you were thinking of someone? I love the look of these mason jars filled with delicate tea treats, herbal teas in rustic jars, plants or candles in a tea cup, pincushions or something special to hang in the garden. The possibilities are endless and something can be made to suit everyone. What do you like best?

How to make a Teacup Pincushion:

What you will need –

Teacup, with or without the saucer

6-8″ diameter circle of coordinating cotton fabric (7″ is good for an average/medium teacup)




Glue (Fabric Glue or Superglue will work fine)

Large vintage button and/or several smaller ones

1. Gathering

Run gathering stitches around the edge of your circle, about 1/4″ from the edge. If you’re using a machine, just follow the edge of your presser foot. Or you can hand stitch if you prefer.

2. Constructing

Pull up the gathering stitches, leaving enough of an opening to stuff your cushion. Stuff the stuffing into your cushion, filling it as much as possible. Check the outside to make sure you don’t have any lumps and bumps! Your cushion will not close completely. Tie your gathering stitches to secure.

3. Embellishing

Adding a simple vintage button to your pincushion looks extra special. Using a long needle, come up through the centre of your pincushion — use doubled thread for extra strength and less work. You could also glue some smaller matching buttons onto the fabric if you like. While sewing the button on, squish the cushion in the centre. Pull your thread firmly. Tie off securely.

4. Securing

Run a line of glue around the edge of your teacup, about 1/4″-1/2″ from the lip of the cup. Pop your cushion part into your teacup and leave to dry. Enjoy ♥


16 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for the Tea-lover you know ♥

  1. I like presents…🙋‍♀️. My favourite would be the middle pic bottom row…but I bet it wouldn’t look like that if I tried to make it. Lovely idea and a nice bit of craft for the Easter weekend. Funny that whenever I’m reading your posts I seem to have a cuppa in my hand!!


  2. Yes perfect weekend for creating something special. I love that you are enjoying a cuppa while reading my blog, you can imagine how many I go through while writing 😉😊


  3. I have a passion (and quite a collection) for succulents. But I cant bring myself to use a perfectly good antique cup and saucer to plant succulents into. I feel ok, using one that is cracked or chipped, but not those that have been saved so carefully from years gone past.


  4. I love the mason jar. And that gives me so many fun, DIY, and personal gift ideas. It’s early enough for us to get busy with creating more thoughtful gifts, instead of gift cards (although I do love a gift card)! ‘Tis the season!


    1. Yes the Mason jar is my favourite too. I have been collecting little tea accessories and am planning a few personalise gifts for friends. Happy creating 🎁

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  5. I love all the beautiful teacup ideas. But here on the farm, I always have an overabundance of mason jars. That is a fabulous idea. With your permission, I would love to feature it in an upcoming Friday Finds post. I would naturally credit the photo to you & only link to your post (not copy anything). Let me know what you think of this idea. You can check out the Friday Finds posts on my blog to see how I roll.

    Liked by 1 person

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