Blooming Beautiful Tea ♥

Seeing is believing, and you won’t believe your eyes when a handcrafted flowering tea- ball starts to bloom in your teapot…it truly is a visual delight. I love anything that is beautiful to look at as well as consume and these flowering tea-balls have it all.

Photo by Alison Marras on Unsplash

Blooming Tea Balls or Flowering Tea as it is also known are made by bundling dried green tea leaves around one or two dried edible flowers, such as Jasmine, Osmanthus or Hibiscus. They are then bound together into a bulb and left to dry. Jasmine flowers are very calming and can help with relaxation and blood pressure, Osmanthus are full of antioxidants and Hibiscus flowers are good for a variety of things including liver health. So not only stunning to look at but good for you too.

How to enjoy:

  1. Fill your kettle with fresh cold water and boil
  2. Allow the water temperature to reduce to around 70deg
  3. Pour the hot water into the glass teapot
  4. Place one blooming or flowering tea-ball into a clear, medium to large sized glass teapot
  5. Brew for three to five minutes, and watch as the leaves unfurl from a tiny ball into a beautiful bloom

Available at Basilur Tea these are an eye-catching treat to enjoy at the end of the evening with friends and you can also re-use them again the next day over the morning paper.

10 thoughts on “Blooming Beautiful Tea ♥

  1. These are so pretty! I’ve seen the ones you can put in vodka, but not the ones for tea. I love the photograph and the new ‘how to serve tea’ idea.

    Love, love, love your posts.


  2. Delightful … an enhanced sensual tea drinking experience … visually beautiful, jasmine scent and also the flavour, fingertips warmed and the sound of a silver spoon against a royal Albert, rose tea cup. Yes I’ll have a cuppa thx 🌸🌟💫


  3. I was looking at this type of tea the other on Amazon and thought they were so pretty. I almost bought some but was unsure of how to brew it, but luckily you’ve included the information in your post. So I think I might order some now and give it a try.

    Thanks for sharing!


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