What happens around the teapot stays around the teapot ♥

The very sight of a teapot puts a smile on the face of most people. One cannot help but think of more serene and genteel times. From a whimsical child’s teapot to an elegant English Teapot, to collectible teapots that adorn some homes, they are a subtle reminder of all that is good in this world.

Barbara Roberts ♥

I love nothing more than to sit with my family or friends catching up on everyone’s news with a huge pot of tea and something delicious to share. I think back to my childhood and remember my grandparents often connecting with their friends around the teapot, whether it was a cause for celebration, commiseration or discussion. So many special memories are made with tea as the main connection.

I reached out to some of my friends and asked what particular memories or traditions they had when it came to how tea plays a part in their lives. I also requested photos of their favourite tea accessory be it pots, cups or art…ooooh what a gallery of pictures I was blessed with ♥

Vicki – When I was a child during the school holidays, my brother and I would bike to different family members over the week to be cared for while my parents worked. We would bike to my Grandma and Grandad to be looked after for the day. Every now and again my Grandma would let me choose which cup and saucer I would like to use for morning or afternoon tea or both.  I would usually choose the cup and saucer with yellow roses on it, along with the side plate to have my biscuit on. In my tea cup I would have cordial, while Grandma would have a cup of tea.  As I got a bit older I would then join her in a cup of tea.  I would have it the same way she would with just a splash of milk.  I loved playing ‘ladies’ with her, I miss her ♥
In 2016 I traveled to China with my husband.  While in Beijing we went to a Tea Ceremony.  I had no idea what was going on during the ceremony, there was no English spoken. One of the most memorable parts of the ceremony was when the lady that was hosting our ceremony was checking that the water temperature was perfect for making tea.  She dropped a terracotta ornament into the water and when she lifted it out and turned it towards us water squirted on us from the ‘Pee Pee Boy’ (the only English she spoke)!  The ornament was a naked little boy that then ‘peed’ out the water (from you know where).  Well I got the giggles and then HAD to have one of these ‘Pee Pee Boys’ so I bought a beautiful tea set and a Pee Pee Boy!

Adele – My most fave fave travel tea was with my bestie in Turkey (by the way that is me).

The teas we discovered in Turkey ♥

Debbie – My love of tea started way back, I remember sitting on my Mum’s knee and waiting for the last bit in her cup and dunking my biscuit in her tea, Dad didn’t have milk in his tea so that wasn’t an option for me. I grew up knowing if something dreadful or exciting happened…the tea pot came out. As I grew up, around 9 or 10years I offered to make the tea for Mum and her friends, great way to catch up on the gossip and baking too. Our family ritual was always warm the teapot, turn it three times clockwise, let it sit, then pour. I loved hearing the long stories after dinner while Mum and Dad had a cuppa and told us about their dating days . One thing that sticks in my mind is how the teapot was the first thing I reached for when my Dad died ♥

Tea at Debbie’s

Kerrie – I am not sure when I became a fanatic with my tea, maybe when I finally realised coffee wasn’t my thing. People think I am crazy going out to coffee shops and ordering an English Breakfast tea but I wouldn’t order anything else. You see, I love English Breakfast tea. Besides the flavor being right it is also all about the spout. Have you been out, ordered a tea and when you begin to pour it goes all over the table? Seriously, everyone thinks its all about the barista, well I can tell you, it’s all about the spout! Anyhow, to me tea is my comfort, it’s home. A bit like Chicken Soup For The Soul…that’s what tea is for me. So much so, want a chat? Hang on, let’s put the kettle on first. Feel down? Hang on, let’s have a cup of tea and talk about it. I cannot remember my Mum influencing me with cups of tea, but I know I have passed this ‘problem fixer’ onto my daughter. Every time we chat, have a problem to share or just enjoying our peaceful moment that cup of tea is with us. The picture of the beautiful teapot symbolizes so much to me. It was a gift from the most beautiful and brave young woman I know. Every time I look at it I am reminded of her strength and determination to overcome the seriously bad cards she was dealt. I don’t use it often…I don’t need to. It has a place in my kitchen so that when I put the kettle on I begin to smile. Not because of the sadness that we discussed together but the courage and survival it represents. Don’t ever let someone tell you a latte or cappuccino gives you the same hope…I wouldn’t believe it ♥

Kerrie’s Special Teapot ♥

Ashley-Marie – I fell in love with green tea when I was in high school and since then it has only grown. I have tried other tea including blooming tea but I always go back to green or black tea ♥

Kitty – I used to set up afternoon tea for my children and I after school with my special fine bone china cups that I had been given by Grandparents and an elderly neighbour. My family have always been tea drinkers with my least favorite memories being the sound of my mother jingling her tea cup and saucer early on a Saturday morning from her bed wanting me to get up and get her another cup. Coming from a large family, it was always a trap to leave the table first after lunch to put your plate on the bench because you were then designated tea duty, and after emptying the pot, serving everyone else and starting over you could finally get your cup. Currently my favorite tea is a berry herbal tea. Making a pot after tea and taking it to the couch for several refills is fast becoming my new favorite tradition ♥

Kitty’s Tea Party
Kitty’s Teapot

June – This is the teapot I bought in Darwin – I just love it. It ‘spoke’ to me the moment I saw it in a wee, out of the way shop. I denied it but then went back the next day and bought it! The only tradition I recall is that years ago, if you had visitors, the very first thing you did was to invite them in, put on the kettle and offer a cup of tea, and always with something to eat, whether scone and jam, biscuits or cake ♥

June’s Teapot

Trudy – Over the years my taste buds have changed and now my tea of choice is Dilmah’s Extra Strength black tea. It is a single-origin, first blush pick, and tastes sublime. I don’t like herbal infusions and I have an absolute dislike for green tea. I tend to travel with my favourite tea in my handbag, just in case the person I am visiting has an inferior tea! I also have a wrap-around tea cosy for my teapots. I bought the cosy so that my tea remains warm enough to drink from start to end. Lukewarm tea – not on my watch!
I collect Dilmah tea-related items; teacups, saucers, teapots, infusers, wrapping paper, a book on the life and history of the founder of Dilmah, tea caddies, and so on. My collection reminds me that there are beautiful things in the world and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When I joined the Red Hat Society (a social network for women of a ‘certain’ age) my Royal Name became “Lady Cupatea”. I even made and wore a hat that was a teacup on a saucer. That was a difficult hat to wear but worth the effort…I won Hat of the Day with it!
Tea, for me, is not an obsession not my identity; It is just something I enjoy drinking.

Valery – I guess that tea has always been a part of my life but when I lived at home it was your typical strong cuppa with milk. Plus we always had tea time around 5pm with sandwiches, cake and biscuits. My interest in tea took off in The Netherlands with their different flavours and later I turned to herbal teas as I was became lactose intolerant. My favourite teas come from India.

Thank you everyone that took the time to contribute to this article, very much appreciated. I loved everyone of your anecdotes and of course photos ♥♥♥

Photo care of Gypsy McGee ♥

Disclosure: Occasionally I link to companies using affiliate links. If you click on an affiliate link and chose to make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I appreciate you supporting my blog ♥

68 thoughts on “What happens around the teapot stays around the teapot ♥

  1. This post is literally like tea porn 😍 everything looks so good. I remember my grandma always making great brew when I was little and when she got the teapot out it meant there was also cake coming! I love the teas in Turkey as well.


    1. Love that #teaporn😍 great memories are created with tea and cake. Turkish teas are exquisite aren’t they. Thanks for popping in and following ☕


  2. This post is gorgeous. Tea just seems such a simple concept and I’d never associated memories to it but reading this I’m flooded with my own early memories.

    I remember the tea cosy my mum had and the old metal teapot she used.
    Then I remembered my grandmothers collection of mini milk jugs, she had so many!

    Of course afternoon tea was something Mum and I did together all the time, I loved that time with her x


  3. Wow, I didn’t know that much about tea .. actually im such a tea lover, and every day I discover something new 🙂 My favorite tea is green tea. When I visited Japan a month ago, I tried some amazing green tea. And I even bought as many boxes that would be allowed on board my flight back home lol. Thx for sharing this tea journey 🙂


    1. Love it! I always pack so much tea into my suitcase I’m sure they think I’m doing something dodgy 😂 so pleased you popped in, hope you chose to follow ☕🙏


  4. Aww this made me think of my grandma ❤️ she used to make herself two cups of tea everytime. She would drink one hot and then drink one cold! I always thought it was strange but I do miss her funny quirks. Thanks for sharing


    1. What a lovely memory! I love how some of our older generation were so quirky, wonder what they think about us ‘bloggers’ 😂☕


  5. This post is like flashback of so many memories. I am a big tea lover, always choose tea over coffee. And really love your collection! My mom has some great collection of saucers and teapot and I always got mesmerised by them. Now I want some for myself too!


    1. Fabulous, do it! I get so much pleasure from my teacups and pots and all the other little accessories ☕🙏 thank you for popping in.


  6. Well, I’m not a tea drinker but my favourite self-care ritual is to have a cup of coffee in a bone china teacup with a delicious scone piled with butter and raspberry jam. It’s the tail end of winter here but I am keen to start drinking a herbal tea at least in the summer. I was also treated to a fantastic high tea for a milestone birthday and it’s one of my best memories. Hope to do the same for my next big birthday which is fast approaching.


  7. I enjoyed reading everyone’s tea stories. I am a coffee drinker who loves tea in the winter – especially fresh berry flavours and infusions that remind me of summer. I have a lovely single teapot and I use my favourite mug with cows all over it. It makes drinking my tea even more special!


  8. Oh, I looooove tea! It is good to see that I have things in common with people around the world. 🙂 My country is really not famous for tea, it is not a habit to drink a lot from it, but my family is different. During summer we drink it chilled, during winter we drink it hot. We always have some available in the kitchen. We love green tea and herb teas the best. Without sugar and anything else. 🙂


  9. I absolutely loved reading this post and sharing memories of tea times with your contributors! My first thought was the “tea kettle” pin cushion I just bought last week for my antique sewing table. I wish I could share the picture here, because it was one of those things that made me stop and take my own trip down memory lane. Tea is much like food in the sense that it brings people together and creates memories. I love that!


  10. I love tea – it can bring people together in so many ways. Vicki’s story was neat. Haha, pee pee boy is so funny. It is so cool to see the different tea leaves out and how you can combine the different ingredients for a specific blend. I love seeing the different teapots that people used. Thanks for sharing!
    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me


  11. I love everything about this! My aunt that I used to have tea with when I was little passed away recently. Just this morning I found a box of my teapots in my garage. Then today I found your blog! How cool is that?!


    1. Thanks so much it was a lot of fun and I still have more info for something similar I came up with while writing this one. Hope you choose to follow ☕✔️

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Tea pot on the stove all the time growing up. It was a glass Pyrex one with a steel band around it. My mom had a collection of assorted tea cups and saucers and when she passed away that was a big thing to let special people pick their favoriate.


    1. What a lovely idea to share her teacups with her special people… I think I’ll make sure that happens with my collection too ☕☕☕


  13. I grew up in the south, so we had sweet tea, which is rough. It is basically sugar with a little bit of tea and ice! So, unfortunately I was never a big fan growing up. Fast forward to now, I discovered tea when traveling to London two years ago and have been hooked since. I have so much catching up to do. Thankfully, my childhood memories of sugar-sweet southern tea did not ruin me for life!


  14. This is such a unique post talking about practices and experiences around tea. To be honest, I think your blog is quite innovative after all most people would run out of idea if they had to write about one subject. Your blog is an exception.


  15. I don’t have any childhood memories of tea. I really only become a tea drinker in the last few years. Mainly because I found out about all the positive health benefits. But now I love many different varieties of tea and I drink green tea nearly every day.


  16. I absolutely love the name of this post! It warmed my heart the moment I read it! I know in the US, yes we drink tea, but not as fabulously as the English do and I think that’s one of the main reasons I adore the countries culture. I remember as a child having tea parties with my grandma and it was magical. The warmth from the tea always felt like it warmed me down to my soul and the conversation I had with my grandmother, who has since passed, will forever be my fondest moments with her. Thanks for stirring up those memories for me here love. This was lovely!


    1. Love this thank you so much for sharing. My main aim with this blog is to revive the love for tea and stir up those memories we all have. Hope you choose to follow ☕


  17. What a lovely title of this post. I am a tea drinker and love many different kinds of teas. My day is not complete without drinking tea, at least 3 times a day. Thanks for sharing.


  18. Lovelovelove this post! Tea (loose leaf black tea) has been such a huge thing in my life since birth! And it’s such fun to read other people’s tea story. Fortunately I inherited from my mother and her mother the fabulous gene that makes me immune to any ill effects of the caffeine in tea, so I can drink it all day and evening just like they did and then go right to sleep. And yet a single cup of coffee will totally wreck me!


    1. Hey Jean thank you so much, I love hearing about everyone’s stories. I also have the ability (or maybe it’s an addiction) to be able to drink tea anytime of the day or night. I never drink coffee, sends me into a tailspin. Hope you choose to follow and share ☕🙏


  19. This is really neat to see other Tea sets and hear about their stories. My friends don’t really drink tea and my husband was very unaware of “tea time” until we started dating. Now we have Tea time almost every day after dinner.


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