Packing for multi-climate adventure ♥

Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first?

Alice in Wonderland
Not all mine!!
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Part 1:

As I sit on the floor with yet another cup of tea, I find myself day-dreaming of our trip ahead. Flights, cruise ships, exotic lands, warm sunshine, more flights, buying a yacht, freezing European winter…and it hits me I NEED A BIGGER SUITCASE! OK so the plan ahead is 2 and a half weeks in South East Asia, hot, humid weather expected…so light dresses, blouses, sandals, jandals and shorts – but also more formal attire for the cruise ship entertainment evenings, so dresses, high heels, shawls and light cardigans. And then I need to think of the next leg of our adventure hitting Europe in the middle of winter…so we are talking serious amounts of thermal underwear, wind proof jackets, weather proof clothing (for the yacht), tidy warm outfits to meet with brokers and foreign agencies. Hmmmm boots, winter shoes, runners, and slippers (knitted are the best)! So now I start looking at the chaps allocated suitcases – surely he doesn’t need all that space? What is he even taking? Turns out he is taking navigational equipment – sextant, compass and other sailing paraphernalia which apparently is quite important….in amongst that he will throw (literally) in his multi climatic clothes and shoes which amounts to about one suitcase worth of belongings. So this means I may be able to take the extra ‘must haves’ and ‘desperately needed’ pieces of equipment I require – you know like my face masks, photo books, journals, marine grade pegs and environmentally friendly market bags. I’m constantly hearing “Don’t worry Babe, they sell all of that in Asia we can get it there.” Not sure if he knows I don’t trust that they will have exactly what I want. Anyway back to my packing I guess, but first I need another cuppa to contemplate the piles of clothes ♥

Me, of late!

Part 2:

So anyone who has made a massive move whether it be cross-country, to another country or what we are planning – to a yacht in an unfamiliar country you know how stressful and list inducing it can be. I have been an emotional roller-coaster, happy and excited one day and full of doubt, dread and feeling very lost the next. My poor friends have received numerous panicked texts and have calmed me down so I can breathe and focus again. The closer it gets the more I wonder if I have gone mad…what was I thinking when I agreed to this? I have been fortunate enough to take a year’s sabbatical from my job (which I love), my youngest daughter and her wee dog are going to be staying in our home while we are away which fills me with comfort knowing it will be looked after and they will both be safe. Everything has been down-sized, re-homed, sold or stored for this trip. Addresses changed, accounts re-arranged and contact lists created. I am extremely pleased that my love for all things structured and scheduled has seen me through…so far! My darling chap (bless his patience) has wanted to travel in a yacht for over 20 years, to him it is a once in a lifetime adventure that means we can travel to wherever our hearts desire without the hassle of flights, accommodation and schedules. His love and aptitude for sailing makes this all possible, something I am very grateful for…most days 😉 So on with my list, I am slowly but surely completing tasks and I may have slowed down a little bit with adding more tasks to it. At the end of the day the world will carry on if I don’t paint the kitchen window sill or replant a couple of pot plants. Counting down the days…10 to go!!

I think we are all quite mad ♥
January 2020 – great way to start the year
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37 thoughts on “Packing for multi-climate adventure ♥

  1. Haha, love that you’re trying to find room in Chucks suitcase! That’s what I do too when going away with Kent. He ends up with my toilet bag usually!

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  2. Sounds like the adventure of a life time You will have a blast just make sure that the kettle is always hot n that tea is nearby and you will be fine ❤️❤️

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  3. The mosr important thing to remember before you pack. Is 1. Roll everything and put in gallon ziplock bags suck out the air to compress then pack 4 times the amount in one case.
    2. Take one ziplock with mini tubes of cosmetics. You will buy replacements if you need every where.
    3. Your things you wear are brand new to every new place and person you meet. They neither know or care if you wore that dress in 5 countries already.
    4. The rule of four, one pair of deck safe shoes, one flipflop, one all weather hiking and one pretty dress shoe. Wear your oldest most comfortable tatty ones for travel, then throw away when you find a good value replacement.
    5. Two cocktail dresses/one long one short. Two jeans, not skinny, allow room by wearing boyfriend or stretch. 6. Two shorts, one long one cargo.
    7. Four tee-shirts two short sleeve two long.
    8. Waterproofs jacket and sallooets. Micro fleece lined for cold and wet on and off land.
    9. 4 of each undies, and fine thermal base layer.
    10. Travel micro fibre hair wrap and bath towel.
    11. Take six empty ziplocks and only buy rollable soft items if you need to bring anything back at all.
    12. Finaly, go make memories have fun. Oh and download a photo postcard app . Take a pic the app turns it into a physical postcard and sends the postcards on your behalf. Cheap, fun and physical gift for friends and family to keep.

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  4. I am excited for you. I think doing this adventure while you are young enough to make it all happen is wonderful. So many people put things off until retirement and WHAM no longer possible. Life is a journey and only one way – make it wonderful and no regrets! PS layers for winters. If you bring a good waterproof jacket and warm sweaters, and layer for winter you should be alright.

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    1. You are so right, got to make the most of every day and live for the moment. Thanks for the advice, I am looking forward to winter in the Northern Hemisphere. It will be quite a change.


  5. How fun – not the packing part thought. I love going on adventures and I’m sure you will have the best time, I just wish i were like the rest of my family and had somebody else to pack for me 🙂

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  6. I am a passionate traveller, and packing is the last moment thing for me. This lovely post inspires me to get organised with my packing. I am sure you’re going to have an awesome chill time, and loads of fun. All Best!!!!

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  7. I am a Passionate Traveller, but Packing is the last moment thing for me. This awesome post inspires me to get organised with my Packing. I am sure you’re going to have a chill time with loads of fun. 🙂

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    1. Lovely to hear from you thank you for your kind words. I’m far too much of a control freak to do lastminute hahaha


    1. Thanks Jenny just lying in bed mentally going through my ‘what haven’t I done yet’ list… Never-ending!!! 😂


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