Masala Chai Tea ♥

Pulling the Masala Chai

Ever been to a cafe or coffee shop and ordered a Chai Latte? You may never look at them in quite the same way again…Masala meaning spice and Chai meaning tea comes together as a traditional blend of hot milk, tea, cinnamon, cardamom, fennel and cloves. Creating a warming, spicy and exotically fragrant drink that originated from the Indian subcontinent. Some recipes call for black peppercorns, star anise, ginger and nutmeg to be added, depending on which province they hail from. The fragrance is calming and often enjoyed in the evening, I particularly enjoy it early evening after I have had my dinner. Watching how a chai wallah (tea seller) in Krishna ‘pulls’ the masala chai is mesmerising at best. The pulling is said to aerate the mixture and cool it down to drink. I love how he grinds the spices up with a rock on the bricks and adds them all at just the right time – incredible to watch and I can only imagine how wonderful it would taste. This is on our list of places to visit on our travels and I will definitely be reporting in.


22 thoughts on “Masala Chai Tea ♥

  1. I use to love drinking sweet chai lattes but because they have caffeine in them I stopped. 😦 They are so delicious.


  2. I order Chai at least once a week, now that I know how to pronounce it. I would love to try the additional spices, but I am not sure anywhere around here has such a thing. I guess I will have to travel more to find it.

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