Testimonials Over Tea

There is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
“The Tea Chest blog is always a joy to read. I find it relaxing and inspiring and more often than not I find my self seeing ‘n’ smelling what is being talked about making me feel very relaxed ‘n’ peaceful.” ~ Dianne
“One email I really look forward to receiving in my inbox are the ones sent from The Tea Chest blog. I love to read about Justine’s adventures, her latest findings, helpful hints, recipes and of course all the to-dos relating to the amazing world of tea. These musings are accompanied by the most beautiful photographs. If you are looking for a captivating read then The Tea Chest Blog is definitely the one for you. I also follow on Instagram to get my daily dose of inspiration.”
~ Tracey from CharlieRae
“Seeing your lovely posts and blog is one of the sunshines in my day.” ~ Angela
“Justine is a sweet person but can get pretty stern when it comes to tea. A soothing warm cup of tea equates to the writing style of this lovely blogger on her blog- “The Tea Chest” 😊 Apart from tea reviews and cultures, she also features tea equipment, tea parties and often travels across the world in search of her connection to tea. Love the riveting content and the simple layout of this blog.” ~ Talat
“I love reading Justine’s tea blog over a cup of tea. She finds the most interesting things to write about tea from recipes, mindfulness, origin, history, and rituals. I’ve learnt a great deal from reading Justine’s tea blog plus enjoyment, just like a great cuppa!” ~ Vicki
“I read the Tea Chest Blog because I love to explore: new experiences, new tea and tea ideas and even new ways of thinking are served up fresh each edition. I like how the blog sees the world, with kindness and warmth. I know the writer and when she first told me this was the adventure she was on I was delighted, she is a good writer and a great person. I take away good recipes and good advice for a happier, healthier life through Tea. Ideal!” ~ Marian
“The Tea Chest Blog” itself is like a fresh cup of tea every morning. It’s relaxing, with a Christmas-y vibe. I enjoy reading Justine’s stories, adventures, discoveries and history around ‘n’ about tea. Plus, her words have the power to add extra happiness to my days. “
~ Nilakshi from merakimusings
“I came upon Justine’s blog by sheer accident. I found that some of the best tales and information wait on her pages, and I enjoy them better with a good cup of tea. We have made a connection, one that feels like a comfy chair; or a good friend to share time with. I have followed her sailing and travelling tales, she lures you in with stunning photography, captures you with her turn of phrase. Her ability to take you with her is sublime. I felt I joined her and her chap, when covid-19 locked them down in Turkey. Her tales were retold in our lockdown by me, and spread with the affection of a good friend. Her blog should be called “Tales from the tea-chest” because there is much more to her than beautiful tea.” ~ Ellen

Thank you all for your kind words, inspiration and support. It’s these beautiful sentiments that keep me keeping on ♥