Adelaide’s Hidden History

On a recent whirlwind trip to Adelaide I discovered the Adelaide Arcade. In this beautiful historic building was once an underground Tea Rooms dating from 1885. Apparently the patrons would descend the gorgeous ornate wrought iron staircase and ‘Take Tea” with little cakes and sandwiches in an intimate setting under the busy arcade. There was a natural spring that was used to source the water for tea making. Oh how I wish it was still open ♥

Over the years it has been used as storage and even a Turkish Bath House at one stage. There has been talk of it being converted into a Speak Easy venue, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was resurrected as a traditional tea room?

Adelaide Arcade is rumoured to be haunted and is part of a popular Ghost Tour. In 1887 Francis Cluney, the caretaker of the Adelaide Arcade met with a tragic and horrific accident, or was it murder? 1902 brought the death of a small boy, supposedly by gas inhalation… But was it an accident, or was he murdered by his palm reader mother? 1904 brought tragedy to a young woman who was shot in the back by her deranged husband.  Many visitors and staff have recorded experiencing ghostly occurrences such as dark shadowy figures walking by, doors slamming shut, footsteps being heard and the eerie feeling of someone brushing past.

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