How I make tea :)

Someone asked me the other day how I make a cup of tea. Contrary to popular belief I don’t make it a formal occasion and quite often I will use tea-bags opposed to loose leaf. When I make a pot of tea I follow what my Nana and Great Auntie Evie taught me…Pop the kettle on with fresh cold water. While the water is boiling heat the teapot up, swirl the water around and tip out. Then add 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea per person and 1 for the pot. Put the lid and a cosy on, turn clockwise three times and let it steep for a few minutes. Now a few minutes can be anything between 2-6 depending on your strength preference and the type of loose leaf tea you are using. Make sure you use a tea strainer when pouring and add milk and sugar or honey to taste ♥ On that note, time for a pot of tea I feel ♥

How do you like your tea? Mine is a 3A ♥

4 thoughts on “How I make tea :)

  1. I’m a 1A myself. I’ve never gotten the hang of milk or cream in my tea since my aunt stopped making it for me as a child, and I’ve recently had to start cutting a lot of sugar in my diet, so…. lol The bonus is that I’m learning a lot about the subtle flavors in some more complex teas this way! 🙂

    You said: “Make sure you use a tea strainer when pouring…” which is obviously some kind of device, but I’m not sure I know of an external strainer for leaves? A friend of mine gave me fillable tea bags once (mountains of them), so that’s what I’ve been using, as the pot I have doesn’t have a strainer inset for the leaves. Could you describe or link to the kind of strainer you mean? Thanks! 🙂

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