T Totaler (Aus) – an absolute tea lovers haven ♥

I am a total sucker for fancy packaging, if it looks a little bit different it has my full attention. How different can test tubes full of loose leaf tea blends be? I am all about this place I can tell you – T Totaler in Sydney Australia is an apothecary delight. I love the science lab beakers, the amber glass jars and did I mention the test tubes? Love the whole look and vibe of this place ♥ https://www.facebook.com/TtotalerTea/     https://www.ttotalertea.com/ ♥

Organic Ginseng Gin – Organic and herbal blend of Siberian ginseng, juniper, ginger, lemon myrtle, calendula and blue corn flowers. Just so appealing to both look at and taste. Very refreshing and naturally energising blend to assist with an overloaded mind. Can be hot or what about infusing and having as a mocktail with a dash of tonic water and a slice of cucumber?  Mmmmm ♥

Organic Ginseng Gin ♥

Chai Yoga – Such a rich herbal blend of whole cardamon , cloves, ginger and cinnamon. The warm spices works perfectly with warmed milk and a dash of honey or is just as tasty black.  

Chai Yoga

Blue Water – I love the Ayuravedic philosophy when it comes to food and drink – if it is pleasing to the eye then it will be palatable to the body…this tea ticks those boxes. A naturally coloured tea made from butterfly blue pea flower, delicately blended with Lemon Myrtle and Lemongrass. Once the tea has brewed add a squeeze of citrus and watch the tea turn purple before your eyes. Gorgeous ♥

Blue Water

French Earl Grey – Black tea with marigold, hibiscus and blue corn flowers, rose petals and of course Bergamot – high in antioxidants and simply delightful ♥

French Earl Grey

Foraging for Berries – Perfect served hot or as an iced tea, this is a sweet fruity infusion of hibiscus, rosehip and mixed berries. Nice, light and refreshing ♥

Foraging for Berries ♥

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