Steampunk Tea Shenanigans

Welcome to the world of cogs, floating airships, goggles and eccentric inventors…oh and tea, or a cup of brown joy as the steampunk society refer to it as. Steampunk is defined as a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting (centered on Queen Victoria’s reign) and typically features steam-powered machinery and/or a style of design and fashion that combines historical elements (vests, top hats, boots, corsets etc) with anachronistic technological features (goggles and gears) inspired by science fiction. Whew!

Tea Duelling is something that was created by Geof Banyard (aka Doctor Geof) and John Naylor (aka Tinker) to settle a dispute, challenge or as a sporting pursuit.  It is a fun sporting activity designed to be enjoyable and entertaining. All participants are strongly urged to remember this at all times. There are strict rules and the whole ceremony is required to be presided by a “Tiffin Master” or “Tiffin Mistress” . This can’t just be anybody, the Tiffin Master or Mistress needs to be registered with the Honorable Association of Tea Duellists

The full rules are attached but the basic run down is; two people, two cups of tea (at correct temperature) biscuits/cookies to dunk, timer and the person who gets to eat their dunked biscuit or cookie with the least amount of loss i.e. biscuit in cup of tea or dropped on the journey between cup and mouth, is deemed the winner!!

Steampunk Teapot Racing is something I would love to be a part of. Once again pretty strict rules, certain dimensions must be adhered to and a racing teapot shall consist of a ‘teapot’ mounted on a radio-controlled chassis which will be remotely controlled by the registered driver. The chassis is required to have wheels or tracks or it can have a combination of the two. Design is up to the contestant but extra points are awarded the more Steampunk it is. Imagination is running wild over this one!

While researching Steampunk I came across this Artisinal Modern Apothecary in Seattle, USA Their shop is referred to as a “laboritorium” and offers tastings of tea such as “Clockwork Orange” and “Surely You DiGest” in true Steampunk Fashion. Their website is charming, formatted in an ‘oldy worldy’ way with newspaper like columns and intriguing descriptions of their tea blends – will definitely be checking this place out on my travels ♥


13 thoughts on “Steampunk Tea Shenanigans

  1. What an interesting post this is! I’d love to have a go at these games…Tea Duelling is the one for me! Reading your blog I’m learning so much amazing facts about tea that I never knew existed. Truly educational and I love, love, love that picture at the top of your post.

    Great post as always. x


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