Poetic Tea ♥

One of the best things about writing a blog on your favourite subject is all the wonderful people you meet along the way. I was perusing the pages recently and came across Tea Poetry https://www.facebook.com/teapoetry/ we got to chatting and I asked how this page came about. So it turns out they have a pretty magnificent online tea business and as they write poetry, they wanted to combine the two and host tea poetry evenings – how enchanting would that be!? The company is based in Craigavon, Johannesburg and is called Everything Tea – I Love Tea, and by everything, they mean everything. Tea Wares (pots, cups and the cutest infusers), Tea Leaves (a decadent range), and Selection Sets. But one of the very special things I discovered that they have is a Design Your Own Tea range…heavenly! Basically it is a step-by-step process starting with you selecting a Base note (the type of tea), then a Heart note, a Head note, and lastly a Soul note (fragrances and spices). Choose how much and how you would like it packaged and then here comes the best bit; you get to name it ♥ Imagine this for a special occasion – like Wednesday (hehehehe ok a wedding or something!) The options are endless, I know myself and a few of my tea freak friends will be aiming to create and perfect some magical cuppas from this place. http://www.everythingtea.co.za/


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