Add a little tea to your garden♥

I love to garden, and I love to garden with succulents and herbs…combine these with my passion for Teapots and Teacups and I am onto something quite spectacular. I love the teapots down the stairway, eye-catching and unique with the colourful flowers tumbling over the side of the pots. The wall art with the teapot ‘pouring’ into the cup is delightful and would make an amazing feature on any garden wall, perfect for those smaller spaces. I made a lot of the teacup and saucer bird-feeders last spring, they were a huge hit with both the humans and the birds. What a fabulous gift idea for your tea loving friends a little succulent or herb in a tea cup ♥


9 thoughts on “Add a little tea to your garden♥

  1. Very cute! Just interested – how do you get drainage holes into them with out shattering the china? I have a few I have purchased (Martinborough Fair etc) but wouldnt mind making a few more for around here!


    1. Hi Janette, I use a diamond tip drill bit and water, drill on an angle until it ‘takes’ then straighten it up and drill until goes through. Haven’t lost one yet 😉 Have fun ♥


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