How do you Tea? Tea Cup or Mug?

The Great Debate…

Is there a right way or a wrong way to serve your tea? Tea cups? Mugs? Fine China? I know what I like and prefer, and I know what my grandparents taught me…fine china tea cups and saucers every time!! However, in saying that so emphatically I am well known to find comfort and warmth in a rather large mug of tea…I know, I know, not the best way to present tea, but sometimes I just want a large mug of piping hot tea to wrap my hands around and savour. And let’s be honest, a tea cup while beautiful, delicate and proper, doesn’t always hold quite enough tea. Don’t get me wrong, I will often brew a pot of French Earl Grey or Peppermint Tea and sip away at my tea cup of the day until the pot is dry, but just sometimes a mug beats all. In saying all of that, I do believe that good quality tea deserves a good quality tea cup and saucer. So maybe that’s where it lies for me, normal gumboot tea in a mug and my more exotic or special teas in a tea cup?? Thoughts?

Is there evidence that tea served in a fine china tea cup tastes better? Of course there is! According to some tea experts the vessel you choose to drink your tea from should be smooth on the inside, so not porous. The smoother the surface the better this is for the taste of your tea. If your vessel is slightly porous (stoneware) then traces of aromas and flavours can linger and taint your freshly brewed brew. Your tea cup should have a thin tapered lip to it, this allows the tea to flow onto your tongue and give maximum exposure to the flavours. (Quite an art to drinking tea!). Choose a tea cup that fits you…meaning your fingers and hand size. I always try out the handle and I like a nice weight to my tea cups as well, this way it feels right and you will be more likely to use it. Let me know what you prefer, better still email me a picture of your favourite tea cup or (*gasp*) mug!!

Beautiful either way ♥

22 thoughts on “How do you Tea? Tea Cup or Mug?

  1. Aaahhhh, it’s happened again. Sunday morning, just about to pick up my MUG of tea and I come across this post. I swear I literally put the mug to my mouth and I scrolled down to this post…happens every Sunday.

    I don’t know what you’d think about the mug I am swilling tea from! It’s a peaky blinders mug…i’m obsessed. Not sure if you have that tv show in NZ. Basically my mug has gangsters drawn on it…it is china though…or does that say ‘made in China’!

    My mom refuses to drink tea out of plastic cups…she’s snobby like that! I don’t drink out of them either because of the environment! A mug holds more than a tea cup, so that’s a positive but cups and saucers, especially the ones in your pics, are so much prettier.

    Love this post…absolutely ❤️ your passion for tea and the great pictures which you MUST put on Instagram!!!!!!!

    P.s. I’m drinking the ‘breakfast tea’ variety right now… and if you’re putting the kettle on I could do with another…one is never enough on a Sunday morning 😘


    1. Hehehehe love your feedback ❤️ I have heard of Peaky Blinders, may need to have a nosey. Mugs are fab, especially first thing. Enjoy your cuppa, I’m about to have a mug of Earl Grey. My excuse is I am in a hotel so no pretties here…hmmm shopping trip calling 😉

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  2. I live in Liverpool England and it has to be a mug for me it’s bigger and simple another potential debate could be milk in first or last great site and post


  3. I love beautiful tea cups and saucers… so pretty and dainty! But nothing beats wrapping your hands around a big mug of hot tea – it’s a comfort thing!


  4. I’m loving your gorgeous blog. I’m with you: “Fine china tea cups and saucers every time!!” Earlier this year I was in a lovely village in the UK that served cream tea with all the trimmings. Delightful!


  5. I actually use a china mug! I find tea cups difficult to lift, but think tea is definitely different in china. I also have to use a straw due to my disability, but the material of this is a whole other debate!


  6. I prefer my tea in a cup and I have a tough time deciding which kind of tea is my favorite. Sometimes I like mint green tea and other times I like Earl Gray. I really do love the variety of teas that are out there in the world.


    1. Sounds a perfect conundrum to me 😉 lots of different teas available and wait until you see my upcoming blogs ☕


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