Kyka Cookies (NZ) Perfect with a Cuppa ♥

Who doesn’t love cookies or biscuits? And who wouldn’t love something just that little bit special for an auspicious occasion? I do, and I know so many of my friends and family do…so I have been in touch with my lovely friend Maria, owner and master creator of Kyka Cookies to find out how her business came about and to showcase her amazingly beautiful and utterly delicious cookies.

Kyka Cookies – Just Exquisite

Maria’s story goes to show that sometimes making a mistake can lead onto a great thing…Maria was making honey biscuits with icing one day and they went horribly wrong. The icing wasn’t setting and it was a complete kitchen disaster. After some serious YouTube research, a Teenage Ninja Turtle Cookie request from her small son, and cookies designed for friends Kyka (pronounced Kooka) Cookies was born. The name Kyka is a nickname for her 7 year old Quality Control Manager who gave her the inspiration and encouragement to start her own business, smart cookie is her son!!

What has this got to do with tea you ask? Well in my eyes a cup of tea is perfect on its own, however every now and then a cookie comes into your life that just has to be enjoyed with a good cuppa 😉 Kyka Cookies has also designed some delightful Tea Themed Cookies and I had to get in on the action.

Kyka Cookies are available in so many different designs, colours and some super tasty flavours; Shortbread, Gingerbread, Honey, Lemon and Chocolate. I have first hand knowledge of her exquisite Easter and Christmas Cookies – so beautifully presented and totally delicious. Such a wonderful gift idea too. Whatever your occasion Baby Shower, Gender Reveal, Wedding, Birthday, Christmas, Halloween etc there is an assortment of Kyka Cookies for you and Maria is always happy to discuss ideas and colour themes.

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5 thoughts on “Kyka Cookies (NZ) Perfect with a Cuppa ♥

    1. They certainly are Ana, don’t forget to take up the wonderful offer if you are in NZ. Or share the blog to your NZ friends!


  1. Oooohhhh, I was getting all ready there to enter my details and give your name to get a free cookie…but I don’t live in New Zealand 😕. There’s nothing better than tea and cookies! Lovely collaboration you have here…and women supporting women is always great to see. Love this post as always. Xx


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