Over the Teacups #3

I love the smell of possibility in the morning…


Boy oh boy what a diverse line up I have on my Over the Teacups #3 of the series. Everything from Belly Dancing to Travel to DIY. So happy that it has taken off and is something bloggers of all realms and niches are interested in ♥ I liken the blogging fraternity to a spiders web; all linked and interlocked, woven to create strength so as to nurture and thrive on each others support, insight and feedback. It really is a world of networking like no other. Grab yourself a cup of your favourite brew, find a nice spot and enjoy the featured blogs, let me know what you think – I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Spiders Web
Gorgeous Photo by Robert Anasch
  • Mother of Movies – Vanessasnonspoilers blog is about television, cinema and film festivals recommendations from all over the world; and without spoilers! Great read with a good dose of Australian humour.
  • Monique @ Farmhouse Unique – DIY projects both small and not so small. Loves farmhouse home decor and is working on sharing more of this in her posts. Also shares her real life SAHM experiences and craft ideas for kiddies.
  • Diane @ Godfidence Diary talks about her life journey, lessons and experiences and how God has helped her through many situations. A refreshing viewpoint.
  • Our Favorite Jar is written by Claire who is a passionate and dedicated writer sharing her families adventures; from the fun to the mundane and everything in between. One of my favourite posts of hers is 40 reasons why I love you
  • Ever wondered about the mystical world of belly dancing? Look no further. Valeria has a personal blogging site all about belly dancing, the history, health benefits and tips plus lots of magical photos can be found on World Belly Dance
  • As well as Valeria’s belly dancing site we also have her lovely husband with a Wayfinding blog which I found fascinating. Loads of current and interesting information available. Check it out before your next travel experience.
  • Need a bit of financial information? Who doesn’t? Have a look at this financial whizz and learn all the tips and tricks on various financial matters. RawlingSunday takes a good look at money, finance and motivation.
  • Sarah is all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa. Discovering Leticia is about her own personal experience living with anxiety. She shares some helpful ideas and talks about managing anxiety.

If you are a blogger yourself check out these pages and groups, they are full of inspirational and super helpful people who have lots of great ideas and information.

Don’t forget to drop me an email at contact@the-tea-chest.blog or post a message if you would like to be a part of Over the Teacups #4. I would love to hear from you.

Togetherness ♥
Thank you Perry Grone

Disclosure: Occasionally I link to companies using affiliate links. If you click on an affiliate link and chose to make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I appreciate you supporting my blog ♥


22 thoughts on “Over the Teacups #3

  1. Justine, hands down I love all of your posts! But what is so great about your series, is that I have been introduced to new bloggers!! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing and continue to have safe travels my friend!💛💛

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