Turkish Gardens

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it.

It just blooms.

Zen Shin

Tea Chest Tidbits – short posts with lots of delightful photos of our time in Turkey.

While our beautiful yacht Tea Chest has been up on the hard during the past few months we have been trying to keep active while discovering our surroundings. We have been averaging walking around 12 kms a day and have seen some stunning sites in Finike along the way. It is so lovely to be able to stop and take the time to appreciate natures beauty that surrounds us. The Turkish people are very proud of their gardens and are always so obliging when I ask if I can take a photo. So many of the local people have stopped us while out walking and given us some of their deliciously fresh produce, just in kindness to share what they have. It really is heartwarming. Every spare inch is utilised to the maximum. Fruit trees, vegetable gardens and flowers to bring in the bees and butterflies are everywhere. You can guarantee that you will see a crop of some description on every block around Finike. There are hundreds of tunnel houses scattered throughout the town filled to the brim with produce, orchards of fruit trees, wild and cultivated herbs and of course the private gardens. I love gardening and am picking up loads of great ideas for when we return home and start our next adventure into self sufficiency. I have named as many fabulous flowers and plants as I know and would love to hear which are your favourites. Enjoy…

Gorgeous new growth in a palm

Hibiscus is one of my favourites and there are plenty of them here in Turkey, although I have only seen two different colours – red ones and white.

Bougainvillea is synonymous with the Mediterranean and it is everywhere. There are beautiful shades I have never seen before. I also discovered that Bougainvillea petals make an exceptional natural cough remedy in the form of Bougainvillea Tea, which is very beneficial if you have an annoying cough.

Roses are such hardy plants and they thrive here in these hot dry conditions. I have seen some stunning displays and once again in shades I have never seen before. Of course you can make a beautiful looking and tasting tea with roses too – How to make Rose Tea

Catch us next time when we share with you some of the amazing people we have met on our journey.
Happy Tea Drinking and Fair Winds ♥

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10 thoughts on “Turkish Gardens

  1. I think people stay to read and look properly if posts are not too long. They are more likely to return if they know they can spare a few minutes on a concise read. Also, visitors are more likely to leave a comment on a short snappy post because they did not rush or skip but devoured it properly over a cup of tea. Time is precious to most people,, if they start reading and haven’t time to finish … they like and leave; in my experience. The micro write keeps giving. Love the pictures and the post.

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  2. Justine, I love all the pictures and your posts you share on your trip. This is like armchair travel for me, thanks for sharing this experience with us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are very welcome, my lovely brother in law suggested the Tidbits idea to me. Lots of fun putting them together


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