Basilur Blooming Tea Balls

Every flower blooms at a different pace.

Suzy Kassem

Basilur Tea – Premium Tea from Ceylon – Sri Lanka.

Basilur Teas offer premium quality teas and tisanes at affordable prices. They have over 300 delicious blends that are all naturally processed with non-GMO ingredients and with no added sweeteners, chemicals or colours, retaining its natural goodness to support your health and all presented in exquisite tea caddies.

Basilur Teas are unique – packed and shipped within a matter of days of harvesting, leaving all the goodness & freshness in the tea. Basilur Teas are sourced and blended by master tea specialists with vast traditional experience in fine teas. There’s a stunning variety of over 90 blends including classic teas and tisanes as well as some with fruits, flowers, berries or herbs added and all with natural flavours that provide a delightful and refreshing tea drinking experience. The sensational packaging and unique flavours of Basilur Tea make it a perfect gift for anyone and any occasion.

Basilur Blooming Tea Balls are stunning to watch as they unfold, and they taste amazing as well. Over 30 varieties are available and what a magnificent highlight to a high tea or finishing off a dinner party with flare.

Here are just a few of my favourites:

Peony Blooming Tea is not only gorgeous and delicate but can assist with gout, respiratory tract illnesses and a great one for helping with menstrual cramping and PMS.

Peony Blooming Tea

Lily Blooming Tea is totally gorgeous and rich in antioxidants, can assist with cognitive and motor skills and soothes the nerves too. Very pleasant to enjoy while relaxing in the garden.

Lily Blooming Tea

Kang Xian looks so beautiful before and after it is steeped, the tightly compacted tea ball is so intricate and delicate.

Golden Chrysanthemum Blooming Tea is sunshine in a cup! This is a must have as not only does it just brighten your day but it has some pretty amazing benefits such as assisting with high blood pressure, fever, colds, headaches and calming indigestion.

How to enjoy a blooming tea:

Pop the tightly compressed ball into a teapot (glass is best so you don’t miss the action), add freshly boiled water and watch with delight as it blooms in front of your eyes. Steep for between 3-5 minutes. Add a little honey to taste and enjoy.

Caffeine free and tea based tea balls are available – something to please everyone.

Blooming Beautiful Tea ♥ and Basilur Tea (NZ) are previous blog posts I have mentioned blooming teas. I do hope you try these and enjoy them as much as I do.

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6 thoughts on “Basilur Blooming Tea Balls

  1. I want to try them all and the photos make me want to rush out and buy a glass teapot! So beautiful and I love that the blooming teas have no nasty additives.

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    1. Thanks for popping in to the Tea Chest Blog Holly and your beautiful FB post too!! Totally gorgeous alright, am thinking we need to have a tea party!!


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