Tea Time Recipe Cards

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”

Henry James

Recently I celebrated my 50th birthday. It’s one of those birthdays where it stirs up all sorts of emotions, thoughts, memories and in my case, gratitude. It isn’t a birthday I thought I would reach given a pretty ugly family medical history. I appreciate every single one of my years, the good, the fantastic and the not so great – but each moment makes me who I am today…which is someone I am pretty happy with. So, here I am and celebrate I did!

Pretty happy @ 50 ♥

My youngest daughter kindly helped me organise my 50th celebrations; venue, invites, decorations, menu and outfits were all taken care of! I invited 50 of my closest friends and family to enjoy a wonderful evening of good food, music, laughter, love and of course cake. I count myself extremely fortunate to have such loving people in my life.

My 50th Birthday Cake – Vanilla Bean with Lemon Curd and Buttercream made by the very talented Staceys Cakes

One of my very special gifts was this fabulously presented mini box of illustrated tea time recipe cards from some very dear friends. Created by Studio Oh!, these Oh! Kitchen Tea Time Collection Cards are exquisitely designed. Made up of 20 different cards, they have wonderful snippets of history or little anecdotes associated with each recipe and are all beautifully illustrated with an eclectic vintage flair. They have a magical way of conjuring up an atmosphere, filled with colour, fragrance and tea.

There are sumptuous recipes for Chai Tea, Green Tea Ice Cream, Shortbread, Queen of Puddings and so many more, and all appropriately illustrated and of course including tea of every sort.

‘Tea in the Afternoon’ is one of my particular favourites, with a beautiful fruit tart recipe that is a wonderful accompaniment for a pot of freshly brewed Earl Grey tea. The fruit tarts are a year-round favourite on the tea table; so easy to decorate, versatile with so many choices of colours, shapes and fillings.

Tea in the Afternoon

‘Tea in the Casbah’ features a description of traditionally pouring Moroccan Mint Tea and a beautiful Moroccan Serpent Cake recipe. Takes you straight to the Casbah, the copper tea kettle, the hustle and bustle of the waiters pouring the mint tea into your delicate, tiny decorated glasses.

Tea in the Casbah

‘Taking and Preparation’ of tea is an informative tea time card. With how to make tea instructions, water types, milk or lemon options and a brief description of the types of tea available…it is a beautifully presented and helpful card for beginner tea lovers.

Tea Taking and Preparation

I am really very lucky to have such thoughtful and kind friends who take the time to find something that is just perfect for a tea lover such as myself!

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15 thoughts on “Tea Time Recipe Cards

  1. Belated Happy Birthday wishes, Justine! It sounds as though you had much fun celebrating in suitable style, and you are indeed fortunate to have so many good people in your life 😊

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  2. Happy Birthday, and what a beautiful cake! These milestone birthdays are often a huge time for pause and consider where you’ve come and where you’re going. 60 was an eye-opener for me, and then came 65, and I’m thinking What? Really? So, enjoy every day, as I’m sure you are. They do slip by so quickly.

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  3. Better late than never, but welcome to the 50’s club. You still have some ways to go to read me as I am nearly mid 60’s but it’s only a number, so all I can say would be to enjoy each and every day!
    I have read, RT and Pinned this post.

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