A Little Bit of Calm ♥

Wow life is hectic!! In this crazy, full on, stress induced life we lead it is vital for us to take a moment and relax… not only our bodies but maybe more importantly our minds. I like to do this in a few different ways depending on what is happening. Sometimes it is as simple as taking a cup of Chamomile Tea and sitting in the sun listening to the birds, or maybe reading a book and listening to my eclectic selection of music. But my favourite and maybe most beneficial way to relax and take some time for me is finding a quiet sunny spot, and stopping for around 20 minutes on my Shakti Mat and savouring a cup of Peppermint Tea. https://www.facebook.com/shaktimats/ https://www.shaktimat.co.nz/

What is this Shakti Mat I speak of? Only the best invention since, well since Tea in my eyes 😉 It is a modern day version of the bed of nails…Ha! Not doing a very good job of selling that am I? It is a mat with thousands of spiky points that apply pressure to your skin and muscles which in turn support your circulation, relaxation, muscle recovery, mental clarity and well-being. In essence, it is heavenly. I was a little apprehensive when my mat first arrived, the spikes are pretty spikey! But after a few goes at it I am now completely converted. So much so that I have also purchased the neck roll which is a divine half round pillow that you can place under your neck as you lie on your mat. I often end up catching 40 winks while relaxing on my Shakti Mat and find nothing better than to finish off this routine with a freshly brewed cup of Peppermint Tea ♥

I have selected a few different herbal teas that are readily available in supermarkets and health stores. All have a very brief description of what they are beneficial in aiding…however please check with a medical and/or herbal professional if you have any questions, concerns or pre-existing medical conditions…just to be safe

Peppermint Tea – perfectly refreshing and assists with digestion and stress. Great for an after dinner drink to settle the stomach.

Peppermint Tea

Chamomile Tea – a delightfully calming tea that can aid digestion, cramping, nausea and help with sleep.

Chamomile Tea

Lemon Balm Tea – Helps with insomnia and stress, said to have antioxidant properties.

Dried Lemon Balm

Passion Flower Tea – has many attributes including assisting with anxiety, depression, lowering blood pressure and minor skin irritations. (Do not use if pregnant)

Passion Flower Tea

Green Tea – high in antioxidants, said to aid weight loss, brain function and help prevent many other illnesses.

Green Tea

Rose Tea – Not only does this tea look beautiful, it can help keep you beautiful! Said to help keep your skin radiant as well as naturally aid cold and flu symptoms, remove toxins and also said to be helpful to sufferers of UTI’s.

Rose Tea

Lavender Tea – Great for the relief of indigestion and bloating, mixed with chamomile this can be a lovely relaxing blend to help with sleep. Smells divine too.

Lavender Tea

Ashwaghanda Tea – can assist with anxiety, stress, fertility, sleep and brain function.

Ashwaghanda Tea

Valerian Root Tea – said to help with sleep, relaxation, menstrual and menopausal symptoms.

Valerian Tea


41 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Calm ♥

  1. I’ve said it before and i’ll Say it again…I love the photography and design of this site…so welcoming…

    Now, I’ve never heard of some of these teas let alone tasted them.

    I’m going to try to find the
    ashwaghanda…to give me a boost of brain power…it might have it’s work cut out though.

    Such extensive knowledge of tea…it’s v impressive. x


    1. You are a gem thank you so much ♥ Try your local health shop or online tea shop for the Ashwaghanda and you may like to add a little honey to that one 😉


  2. Wow! This sounds amazing! I am a busy and sometimes stressed mama to two active boys. I am always on the lookout for good self care practices. This sounds like it could really work for me.


    1. Hi Erin, it really is fantastic. I wish I had one of these when our children were young, would have been a great way to look after myself. Great to hear from you 🙂


  3. Wow, I loved that mat!! I will looking into it! And great selection of teas and nice explanation and and photos that made me want to give a sip to each!


    1. Thanks for having a look Cheryl. The Shakti Mat is pretty amazing, great for relaxing on. But it does take a bit of getting used to.


  4. I love tea. I particularly like the one from Starbucks, their black tea latte. So to save money, I bought a box of 10 tea bags and just make them at home whenever I need (or want) to.


  5. The shakti mat was a huge hit in Finland maybe ten years ago, but I’ve completely forgot about since then! I might just have to rummage through my storage and take it out again, thanks for the reminder ❤


  6. This is the second time I’ve come to your website and I love it! Very welcoming, visibly pleasing and always informative! I found this post very enlightening and new suggestions I ready to try!!! Thanks!


  7. We have something like this in our public parks in Singapore, but using stones of various sizes! Usually old folks can be found walking on it. It really is therapeutic 😀


  8. I looooooooooooooooove tea! I drink it all the time. My favorites are chai, peppermint, lavender, Chamomile, and a few others. And that mat sounds really great!


  9. Always love to visit your blog and read your posts. Thank you for being a SIPB member and sharing your posts with us.
    I have never before heard of the Shakti mat. Maybe I should invest in one.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Definitely going to start bringing tea with me! I’m a sucker for coffee but drinking too much of it makes me tired. I have peppermint tea in my cabinet so I’ll be bringing that on monday!

    Liked by 1 person

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