Healing Bath Teas

Some T(ea)LC for New Mums

The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness. When you become a mother you are no longer the centre of your own universe. You relinquish that position to your children.

Jessica Lange
Thank you Eric Froehling

Healing Bath Tea – Postpartum can be a tricky and uncomfortable time for young Mums. I wish I had known a few self care tips to help with the healing process after having a baby. Learning to look after yourself, as a new Mum is a hard thing to do but so worthwhile. My midwife shared this little gem; Herbal Sitz…a bath especially for the postpartum healing to help with swelling, hemorrhoids, pain and hygiene. Add a good handful of Epsom Salts to the bath water (not too hot) as it runs, they have exceptional healing properties and are helpful in relaxing those weary muscles too. Try and relax in the bath for at least 30 minutes, it takes this long for the salts to work its magic ♥

Or let’s try something a little herbal. You can make up your own ‘Tea Bag’ of beneficial herbs to steep for 20 mins (or longer if you can) in hot water before adding to your bath. There are many herbs that we all have growing if not in our garden then locally, and you can always purchase through your local herbalist. The ‘tea bag’ can be a muslin draw-bag, knotted cheesecloth or even some old pantyhose – whatever you have on hand. Grab a handful (of fresh) of either one or two herbs or a mixture of a few. I like it to look pretty as well as knowing that each herb is bringing something different to the table, so to speak. Calendula, Rosemary and Lavender have antimicrobial properties. Comfrey, Lavender and Chamomile have relaxing qualities. Soothing is found with Yarrow and cleansing properties are offered with Witch Hazel. If using dried herbs, mix what you have into a clean jar. Take a scoop and add it to your ‘tea bag’ with some Epsom Salts if you like. Steep for a minimum of 20 minutes, don’t worry if you forget about it and it’s been sitting there for a few hours. Remove the ‘tea bag’ and pour the concoction into your bath…relax and enjoy.

A relaxing herbal tea while have a Herbal Sitz can work wonders ♥
Thank you Sarah Gualtieri

Once you have fully healed and if you get an hour to yourself indulge in a long, relaxing bath – you as a new Mummy deserve a lot of TLC, and a bath to help sooth the aches and pains is a perfect way to go. So let’s run you that bath…dim the lights or better still surround the bathroom or tub with Tealight Candles, pop on some relaxing music and roll a towel or use a Bath Pillow, to rest your head on. Don’t forget to enrol the help of Daddy or a friend to be on call if bubs decides to wake up earlier than expected or just needs a cuddle.

Go all out ♥
Thank you Anita Austvika

Teas for Mum:

  • Raspberry Leaf Tea is high in antioxidants, rich in B Vitamins, Vitamin C and minerals such as magnesium, iron, zinc and potassium.Said to be beneficial postpartum to assist with milk production and balancing those hormones.
Red Raspberry Leaf Tea ♥
Thank you Erol Ahmed
  • Chamomile Tea is my go to for a cup of calming and relaxing tea. I especially enjoy this close to bed time. Well known to assist with relaxing and assisting with sleep. Only drink postpartum.
  • Nettle Leaf Tea is said to aid with hemorrhoids and milk production.Nettle Leaf is high in calcium, iron and magnesium as well as Vitamins D and K.
Nothing better than a relaxing cup of tea ♥
Thank you Morgan Sessions
  • Lemon Balm Tea can assist with anxiety, stress, nausea and indigestion.
  • Select low or caffeine free teas to enjoy while breast feeding, such as peppermint, ginger, dandelion or rosehip tea.
  • There are some beautiful New Mum Tea Blends available that are designed with specific things in mind, milk production, stress, relaxation etc. These often combine the herbs mentioned but also fenugreek, blessed thistle fennel, coriander and anise.
Chamomile – perfect to help calm and relax ♥
Thank you Carolyn V on Unsplash

{Medical Disclaimer: I am not a medical practitioner or midwife. Please do your own research and consult your medical care provider with any questions}

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9 thoughts on “Healing Bath Teas

  1. Healing Bath Teas… Perfect timing as we are expecting our first grandchild in the coming few weeks. Wonderful ideas for taking care of the new young Mum.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Healing Bath Teas… Perfect timing as we are expecting our first grandchild in the next few weeks. Great ideas for looking after the new mum. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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