Accidental Collections

The best things in life are the people we love…the places we’ve been…and the memories we’ve made along the way.


My lovely blogging buddy Peabody at You Can Always Start Now, has asked that a few of us put together a fun blog post about things we collect. She collects angels – have a look here at her collection. Terri from MeadowTree Style collects Vintage Rodo Handbags – Oh my word you need to have a look at these. What do you like to collect? Remember there is no such thing as junk, it is always someone else’s treasure.

I don’t really live the lifestyle that is conducive to having a collection of anything. We are living aboard our yacht in the Mediterranean so space is at a premium, however some things just scream to be collected. I am not a smoker, but I have discovered these artsy little cigarette boxes on my travels. Yes they are designed to transfer cigarettes from the confronting health warning packets into these smaller more appealing boxes. Not everyone’s cup of tea so to speak, but I think they could also make great little gift boxes, perfect for popping a sewing kit into, loose change in the car, hair ties and personal items etc. The first lot I came across were all flat, ready to make up as required. This is perfect for me to store. Then I saw some pre-made boxes that I just couldn’t resist. So far I have found 21 different designs, can’t wait to see what others I can find.

So of course where you find cigarette boxes you come across matches…and some very cute little boxes too. I know people have huge collections of match boxes from around the world so I thought I might see what beauties I can find on our travels.

I love the different shapes and designs

We are walking a lot on our trip – averaging around 10kms a day. On these walks we take much pleasure in picking up pretty stones especially on the beaches. We are like a couple of magpies looking for pretty colours and interesting patterns. I always take photos of our finds and we have had loads of information sent through to us on some of our finds. Wishing Stones were new to me, a wishing stone has a single unbroken stripe around the circumference of the rock. Apparently if you trace your finger around the line, visualise and make your wish before throwing the stone into the ocean it comes true! Worth a try I say. My aim is to polish some of these pebbles and have them as a special memento of our travels. We were also very blessed to discover some amazing quartz crystal veins in the rocks up in the hills, just stunning to see them in their raw and natural state.

At home I have a beautiful collection of tea cups, tea pots and accessories. Sadly I couldn’t bring them all with me, but I can add to it – right?! I have bought some gorgeous coconut tea cup sets in Thailand and a stunning Vietnamese tea set which will take pride of place on our yacht and of course when we return to New Zealand.

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24 thoughts on “Accidental Collections

  1. I am amazed that you did go to collect them, as you say space is limited. I must admit, that I only collect memories nowadays, and no more stuff as I feel that I already have more than enough ‘stuff’ and want to start downsizing, so collecting will not be on my radar. Thanks for sharing your collection with us.

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    1. Well as far as the cigarette boxes go they are light and I may end up sending them home. With the stones, I can always throw them overboard hehee. Thanks for popping in.


  2. Oh my your post puts mine to shame. I love the cigarette boxes – they are certainly mini pieces of art. I didn’t know about the wishing stones but I have one I collected. After reading your post I realize I do have a small collection of stones I have collected on my travels.

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    1. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of your ‘collections’ idea. Hopefully some other bloggers will add to it.


  3. I have never seen anything like those little cigarette boxes. They are pretty amazing little pieces of art. My husband has collect rocks over the years but fortunately we have a garden to put those in. Thank you for coming up with this idea. I wrote about something that I’ve wanted to cover for a while and this spurred me on.

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  4. Love the small boxes, they would be a very nice idea for so many things, and the stones just reminds me dad had heaps that he collected years ago. He made a machine to polish them in. I wonder where they are now.

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  5. I love those cigarette boxes, they really are pieces of art! I used to collect stones or things found out and about. I’ve been referred to as a hoarder, but I’m just not good at letting things go!

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  6. I definitely don’t see those cigarette boxes as being exclusively for their original intended purpose. They are far too pretty to be restricted to that! LOVE them! If someone were to give me a gift in one of those boxes, it would never even cross my mind that they are technically cigarette boxes!

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    1. Yes that’s exactly what I think too. I see them having so many other beautiful uses. I’m hoping to find a lot more.


  7. I love the Frida Kahlo boxes! I have a cushion with her image on it and almost bought a similar print for my wall. I also bought a children’s book about her childhood for Christmas. Does that count as a collection?😂 I used to unconsciously collect butterfly images. I also have a weakness for pretty cups. Your stones and tea sets are gorgeous!

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    1. Yes pretty cups are just the best, I try to justify that collection as ‘useful’. Frida is definitely worth collecting anything of, so colourful, vibrant and courageous before her time.

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  8. I’m also a Frida collector, and my family also repurposed cigarette and cigar boxes. I collect socks more than I wear them, and my favorite pairs are Andy Warhol Marilyn Monroes and Mona Lisa with red nails.

    Also anything Lucille Ball or Judy Garland. Anything from the 80s. Books for reading and as tactile objects.

    Not just stuff, but a lot of what I consume. Check out Austin Kleon, a lot of his stuff is how we use our collections for creative expression and inspiration.

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  9. Love your collections. I have some lovely old bound books that I love, millions of shoes and handbags and himself has something of a scalextric addiction. Both the boys love collecting stones from beaches or anywhere else.

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    1. I never really thought of myself as much of a collector and certainly not while living on a yacht. But what takes my fancy is where its at these days. Hope your boys enjoy the pics.

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  10. This post makes me want to start a new collection. I have collected model vws since I was 16 so anything Beetle catches my eye. Loving the cigarette boxes and wishing stones❤

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