Over the Teacups #7

Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you

Misty Copeland
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  • noun – Regularly updated website or page written in a personal or informal style by one person or a small group of bloggers.
  • verb – update regularly and add new material to a blog

The word Blog is short for Web Log and it is basically described as a personal journal that can be accessed publicly.

Blogging in all reality is about networking – drafting, editing, proofreading, subscribing to support pages, sharing your blog posts, promoting yourself and your product, SEO, keywords, boosting traffic on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Mix, Facebook….etc etc etc the list is endless. It can be quite overwhelming, but if you have some great support networks and scheduling tools in place it can be that much more manageable and enjoyable – which at the end of the day is what it is all about…right!?

Connecting us to each other, no matter where we are in the world.
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So let’s have a look at where to go for support. I have made up a list of some fantastic Facebook Pages with links as well as some great individuals who are able to help in so many different ways.


  • I asked Ashley at The Virtual Momma, to review my Pinterest account to see what improvements I could make. I received a full audit report and realistic suggestions within 48 hours. I have already started to notice an increase in traffic after just a few weeks of implementing her recommendations. The Virtual Momma provides Pinterest Manager and Online Business Manager (OBM) assistance to businesses and bloggers to help them scale their businesses using platforms, workflows, and social media. By using social media, including Pinterest, she helps bloggers, business owners, and more grow their visibility which can result in increased sales, page views, and word of mouth reviews. ~*~Priceless~*~
  • Sharing, Inspiring, Promoting Bloggers is a super friendly and helpful Facebook Page. It is run by some sensational bloggers who do exactly what it says – Share, Inspire and Promote. Founded by the amazing Esme from Esme Salon and moderated by Amelia from You Can Always Start Now and Pamela of There is Always Hope, you are supported by the best! No question or problem goes unanswered, they will always go the extra mile to find out information for you, can’t ask for better than that!
  • Blogger’s Influence is another great Facebook Page that has regular share and support posts. They share the love and struggles of blogging, highlighting networking, constructive feedback, support and fun. Run by Talat of Racing Tigers and Esme from Esme Salon it is an exclusive page for bloggers and online businesses.
  • Blogging for New Bloggers was the first blogging page I joined and I have found it invaluable. This page helps new bloggers get started, be successful and make money blogging! They offer superb tips on how to blog profitably and legally as well as free and premium courses.
  • Grammar Girls: Community for Blogging Nerds and Newbies is relatively new, but so much fun. Mckayla from The Comma Mama Co started this page and she is a wealth of knowledge. If you are interested in affiliates, collaborating and sharing links this is your page.
  • I have a diploma in Proof-reading and Editing, and am always happy to look over drafts, posts and articles. Please email me at The Tea Chest Blog: contact@the-tea-chest.blog
Sharing Ideas Over a Cuppa – Priceless
Delightful Image by Nathan Dumlao

Scheduling is just as important, for your mental health as well as organisational being. Here’s a list of items I have that I couldn’t be without. What’s your ‘go to’ for keeping organised?

  • Post It Notes – I had a work colleague who couldn’t stand using these but I seriously love them. Handy, colourful and ready to jot down a quick note, word or idea and pop on my workspace or laptop to work with later
  • Journal – Who doesn’t love a nice journal that you can brainstorm, jot and doodle in?
  • Highlighter Pens – I use these all the time, being the organised person I am I love to have different colours for different topics…makes for a very colourful journal!
  • Mood Board or Wall Grids are a fantastic visual aide for different topic ideas, research and deadlines.
  • Use your phone calendar to set reminders, when you want to have a draft completed, when you are wanting to publish a post and keep track of your post response times so you can emulate that with the next ones.
  • Notebook in my bag – love this one with a great little reminder on the cover to Get Shit Done!! I add notes about photos I take while out and about.
  • Electronic Notes on my phone have become more and more useful over the past few months, I like that I can create a ‘To Do’ list and tick them off as I accomplish each one.
  • Tailwind is a life saver for me. You can set up a schedule of pins on Pinterest or posts on Instagram weeks in advance. It also has the added feature of joining Tribes who will support you with sharing your pins to other boards they have access to. If you would like to try Tailwind click here or if you already use Tailwind and would like to join a happy, supportive Lifestyle Tribe for ALL bloggers click here to join.
Getting Organised
Great image by Blake Wisz

My latest blog discoveries are epic, such an array of genre. Check them out, give them a ‘like’ or even better comment and follow:

Weezie Reads – Louise is a writer and book blogger. On her blog iwritebecauseireadbecause she reviews books, writes bookish articles and uploads her creative writing. The books she surrounds herself with inspire her writing and she loves to share her experiences online and spread the word about the books close to her heart. She has also written an epic fantasy novel she is currently querying for and she’s working on her next novel – a gothic horror! How cool is that! Follow Weezie Reads on Twitter or Instagram.

♥ Emma from Little Harto is just 22, and a baking, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She started her blog 4 years ago, to bring some extra positivity into her life and that’s exactly what the aim of her blog is – to give a light-hearted distraction and possible inspiration for those who desire it. These range from makeup tutorials, simple recipes, current favourites and hauls.

♥ Emma Dobson is the Invincible Woman On Wheels. Emma is a 23 year old disability blogger and Masters student from the United Kingdom. Her insightful blog aims to give people a realistic view of life with a disability covering venue accessibility reviews, travel posts as a disabled person and blog posts on various disability issues. She also gives a realistic account of life as a disabled person. Follow Emma on Twitter, Instagram or subscribe to her blog.

♥ I touched base with Eric Drury from The Thoughtful Beggar who has created a place where free-thinking and spirituality can be expressed with or without religious affiliation. I really enjoyed reading through this blog, it is visually crisp, mentally stimulating and in their own words ‘spreading the love’. The Thoughtful Beggar has a space for guest contributors and original artwork by April Drury. I highly recommend making a cup of tea and taking some time to peruse through this blog. Follow the Thoughtful Beggar on Twitter.

Toni Rainbows is a fun lifestyle blog dedicated to the colourful side of life – anything goes here, including craft tutorials, book reviews, travel, and beauty.  Toni manages to keep things light and humorous, but discusses the tougher topics such as mental health and her life. Her latest tutorial for this cute rainbow decoration would fit right in on most store shelves! Settling in with a cup of tea to read Toni Rainbows is like spending some quality time with a friend – you will come away feeling inspired. If you’d like a daily dose of rainbows for your social media, have a look at Toni Rainbows on Twitter. If you pop onto Instagram check out the Free Wallpapers – they are beautiful ♥

I would love to have more bloggers featuring on future posts so please, if you know of anyone who may be interested let me know. Any genre, anywhere, any social media accounts, doesn’t matter what their experience is be it a brand new blogger, someone needing a boost or a really popular and successful blogger – Everyone is welcome! All I ask is that I receive a brief blurb about the blog, any links associated and that once published they share the post…I will do the rest ♥ I look forward to hearing from you ♥

Stunning image by Daniel Olah

Disclosure: Occasionally I link to companies using affiliate links. When you click on an affiliate link and chose to make a purchase I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I appreciate you supporting my blog ♥


24 thoughts on “Over the Teacups #7

  1. I absolutely love this post! There is so much going on and so many new things I just discovered through all the different 3rd party links.
    Lots of great info!

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  2. Justine, thanks a bunch for the mention of Blogger’s Influence and Tailwind tribe. There’s such a whole wealth of information on this post. Informative yet a very interesting and delightful read!

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  3. Great post, Justine! You never disappoint! Enjoyed reading about the great group of bloggers that you’ve included!! Take care, my friend.

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  4. This is a lovely post with some really helpful resources thank you for sharing. I wondered with the Facebook pages do you ask to join from your personal Facebook or have you created a Facebook profile or page for your blog xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I asked to join from my personal page, there are questions asking for your blog url info. I don’t have a FB page for my blog. Hope to see you on some of the pages


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