Kusmi Tea

Kusmi Tea is a brand of tea, headquartered in Paris, France. It was originally founded by Pavel Kousmichoff in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1867, with the onset of the Russian Revolution in 1917 the brand moved to Paris.

I won’t lie, the thing that lured me in with the Kusmi Tea brand was the delightful Imperial Label tins – just cute! I bought myself a sampler pack which consists of 5x 25g Tins in Earl Grey, Decaffeinated Earl Grey, Russian Morning No 24, Jasmine Green Tea and Kashmir Tchai. We have demolished the Russian Morning No 24 tea – bold blend of Black China, Ceylon and Indian Tea. Nice robust way to start the day, but in all fairness we drank it anytime. The Kashmir Tchai is a traditional Nepalese recipe and full of spice and warmth. Earl Grey is Black China Tea with the familiar Bergamot scent through it, not particularly strong but pleasant. The decaffeinated Earl Grey has had citrus fruits added to it, not normally a decaf type of gal but this makes for a nice change even if I do feel like I need an extra strong cup of tea afterwards to make up for it. True to form I will always leave the Green Tea until last, not a fan but I am trying…will persist and get back to you on my verdict.

I love the seriousness of the leaf size, nothing better than a decent form to my cup of tea…and of course the cute tins could be repurposed in funky other ways once you have finished with the tea – mine will become candles of course. Enjoy and check out their pages. Kusmi Tea can be found on Facebook too.

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3 thoughts on “Kusmi Tea

  1. I 100% understand the green tea thing – I had to develop a taste for it – I love Jasmine and Gunpowder green and matcha ice-cream but my absolute fave is Jasmine Dragon pearls.
    I love strong Earl Grey (it’s my fave) and I’m afraid I would never be caught dead drinking decaf anything (caffeine is one of my only vices!!) I love that you are re-purposing the tins – Earl Grey candles?! I’d buy them if you made them 😉


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