t Leaf T (NZ)

Got to love NZ Tea company https://www.tleaft.co.nz/ just divine blends and such gorgeous tea-ware…mmmm I can see my self imposed ban on online shopping going straight out the window. I mean a girl needs tea right? And how am I supposed to write informative blogs on tea if I’m not informed…all about research I say! I love going into this shop, I seem to stand there for a while and gaze in awe at the colours, and variety and the overall fragrance that is a magical blend of every tea pulled together in a surprisingly harmonious way. Then I wander in a kind of trance looking and touching all of the pots & cups, the stoneware, ceramics and the cast iron – tactile heaven. The teas are beautifully packaged with a striking black and orange contemporary look and so many varieties. One thing I am particularly partial too is sampler packs – and t Leaf T do this so well. Six samplers of teas are available in a huge range. No better way than to try things you wouldn’t normally go for. And you if you are really unsure ask for a tasting, they will make up any tea at any time…it’s a wonder I actually leave! I have a bit of a stash (no surprises there) of t leaf T and am currently loving the Creme Brulee flavoured Black Tea. It’s not often that I find a tea that tastes just as wonderful as it smells ♥

Situated in Wellington CBD, check this shop out – you won’t regret it. But if you can’t make it in person join me and shop online!  https://www.facebook.com/tleaft/

t Leaf T

3 thoughts on “t Leaf T (NZ)

  1. Lordy chick
    The next time you feel the need there is also one of these stores in the King and Teppitt interior store on Main St here in Palmy where it meets the Cooperage! I live there!!


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