Chapter Book & Tea Shop…

What more could you need? Two of my favourite things books and tea…sounds like a place I could retreat to time and time again. Born in 1995, the Chapter Book & Tea Shop may be remembered as something a little different during the 90s. Tucked away in the eclectic area of Mt Eden Auckland Chapter Book & Tea has evolved from a traditional tea stockist to cafe, to as it is now; a retail business combining good food, romance books, crime and chick-lit fiction, a vast array of teas and tea accessories. It has a creative and comfortable vibe to it and has become a haven for the locals and visitors alike. Now when I say they stock a vast array of teas I am not kidding, we are talking over 300 different types of teas from a plethora of suppliers being both New Zealand companies and international. Not only pre-packaged, loose leaf and quality tea bags but one of the best things they offer is customers are encouraged to bring in their own air-tight containers to have filled with their favourite tea ♥ this idea! Online shopping is available as well. It just gets better and better 🙂 Why not make this a ‘must do’ the next time you are in the neighborhood, I know I will be ♥

Couldn’t agree more ♥

The tea companies that are stocked at this gem of a shop are as follows:

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

One thought on “Chapter Book & Tea Shop…

  1. There is just something so blissful when you have a delectable cup of a tea and a good book however make somewhere that I can escape to away from my everyday life is just divine!

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