t Leaf T (NZ)

Got to love NZ Tea company https://www.tleaft.co.nz/ just divine blends and such gorgeous tea-ware...mmmm I can see my self imposed ban on online shopping going straight out the window. I mean a girl needs tea right? And how am I supposed to write informative blogs on tea if I'm not informed...all about research I say! … Continue reading t Leaf T (NZ)

Zealong Tea (NZ) @ The Origin (Christchurch)

I was lucky enough to be in Christchurch for work this week and discovered a delightful little cafe in St Albans called The Origin - Specialty Tea & Coffee...right up my alley! https://www.facebook.com/TheOriginNZ/ Besides the beautiful fresh and raw healthy foods they serve they have a fantastic range of Zealong Teas; all elegantly displayed under … Continue reading Zealong Tea (NZ) @ The Origin (Christchurch)

Candles and tea, candles with tea…mmm the possibiliteas are endless ;)

Today I felt a little bit experimental and tried combining two of my passions - Tea and Candles. First one is Earl Grey Royale in an appropriate cornflower teacup and the other blend is Chai with cinnamon ♥ The outcome was very pretty and they smell sensational. I'm impatiently waiting for them to set completely … Continue reading Candles and tea, candles with tea…mmm the possibiliteas are endless 😉