Breathe and Embrace Your Tea ♥

All About Taking Time for You…

I am all about stopping, taking some time for yourself, replenishing and refilling the cup. You can’t run on empty. Whatever your way of recharging, do it. Do it for yourself. It is not selfish, it is necessary. I found this new moon ritual the other day and it really resonated with me. Enjoy x

Breathe and Enjoy ♥

NEW MOON RITUAL…Take some time for you

• Brew your favourite nourishing herbal tea
• Switch everything off
• Burn your incense
• Sit comfortably
• Close your eyes
• Deepen your breath
• Let go of your day
• Let go of your week
• Let go of your month
• Offer gratitude for the gifts you have received and the lessons you have learnt
• Trust that you have digested and absorbed everything you need
• Imagine yourself purified by the smoke and scent of the incense
• Now hold your cup of tea lovingly in your hands
• Bow to the herbs in reverence for their medicinal qualities
• Identify a common theme in your life that needs healing
• Pour your deepest yearnings to heal into your cup
• Imagine your innate intelligence infusing into your tea
• Hold your cup of tea to your heart
• Blow your breath over it
• Inhale deeply
• Pause
• Exhale deeply
• Pause
• Now sip on your tea, knowing that with every sip you are absorbing everything that you need to heal and move on

Blessings x

The Wellington Apothecary was established in 2014, and is situated in Cuba Mall in the CBD. It’s a fascinating botanical factory, herbal dispensary and enchanting​ alchemists delight. One of those places you go and feel welcome, content and intrigued all in one. I love the people here, an eclectic group of herbalists and naturopaths, all completely in love with what they are doing. Make the time to pop in and visit, or go online.

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11 thoughts on “Breathe and Embrace Your Tea ♥

  1. Love how passionate you are about tea. Tea makes everything better. Feeling sad, tired, happy, welcoming guests…kettle on! I’m sipping my tea whilst reading this.

    I did just want to say too that the pics and design of this site is so unique. Clearly you’ve put a whole heap of thought into this. It’s so welcoming…like tea.

    Off to put the kettle on again and this time do as you’ve suggested in this post.


    1. WOW thank you so much for your beautiful feedback, I do love TEA, and I love that you feel welcome…do come again ♥


  2. I’m generally not a tea drinker but your post had such a calming effect, now I want to go out buy some tea, brew it, grab a book and sit back and relax.


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