T Bar Tea Salon (Aus) – a little gem ♥

Don’t you just love it when you discover something that really tickles your fancy? I travel a fair bit for my ‘day job’, and one of the things I really enjoy doing is using any downtime I have to hunt out some tea things….shops mainly ♥ It makes my time away from home a little more enjoyable 😉 On a recent trip to Adelaide I went for a wander with Google Maps and discovered a little gem of a place called T Bar Tea Salon. They have over 120 varieties and blends of delicate teas and this Australian family run business has the depth of tea discovery at their heart. I was in tea heaven; and I say was – but in actual fact I am still enjoying their teas, as I have come home with multiple sample packs…not surprising at all! You may be surprised however to find that some of my samples contained green tea!

I am not a huge fan of green tea. I have struggled to find one that I can actually enjoy more than once. While I was smelling the tea jars, reading the labels and piling the counter with my choices I decided to ask the lovely lady about the T Bar Tea Salon green teas…I am so pleased I did. Quince Sencha a beautiful subtle blend of green tea and quince, no grassy aftertaste just sublime enjoyment in a tea cup ♥ Monks is a magical blend of black and green tea with hints of jasmine and vanilla – I have been converted ♥ You will love the packaging of these teas too, the samplers are just adorable. 4 different loose leaf tea blends in an aptly named box with an infuser or filter bags. One of the neat points of difference is that on each sample is a brief description of the tea, how to best brew it, best enjoyed hint, ingredients and a suggestion of what other tea you may like if you enjoyed that sample – what a great way to try new flavours, give as a gift or share the newly found love. https://www.facebook.com/tbarteasalon/ https://www.tbar.com.au/

So of course I didn’t just come home with green teas that would be remiss of me. I brought back a variety of 16 different blends to try, which is actually a miracle they made it back. The thought of new teas to try is something I have a hard time limiting! Here are a few of the magical delights I highly recommend ♥ Ginger and Lemongrass which is fresh and tangy, great for the autumnal change as it is high in Vitamin C, can be enjoyed hot or cold and it is caffeine free! ♥ Earl Grey Blueflower, I know how many ways can Earl Grey go? Let me tell you this may just be the perfect blend…simply delectable yet still maintains the classic form, my favourite by far. ♥Assam BOP, which stands for Broken Orange Pekoe! Mmmm what a way to start your day, rich with a hint of malt. ♥ Jasmine Downey Pearls are fun to have at the end of your day, you pop 3 pearls into your cup and add water…they are also known as Buddha’s Tears. Subtle white tea delicately rolled by hand. ♥ Immortali-T, I want to break into a Celine Dion song when I smell this Chai infused Rooitea. With aniseed, ginger, cloves, cardamom and black peppercorns what else does one need in their lives? Ideal for that cup of contemplation. ♥

I have mentioned the 120+ teas this company has, plus the beauty’s I have tried…check them out online if you can’t get to one of their stores. So many to choose from; Black, Green, White, Rooibos, Fruit, Herbal, and Ayurvedic teas too! I am intrigued by the selection and am so looking forward to my latest delectable order arriving ♥


6 thoughts on “T Bar Tea Salon (Aus) – a little gem ♥

  1. As I was reading this I was thinking…’she’s going to be in tea heaven’ here, and sure enough you said it! I bet you want to go back there everyday! This could be something for you to explore! Imagine having a little tea shop empire…you’d be great at cause you’re so passionate and knowledgeable.

    Some of the flavours you’ve mentioned sound so wonderful. And any version on green tea is welcome because it is a bit hmmm yucky.

    Great post, I’m going to check those out now and make myself a cup of tea!


    1. Heaven is right, just loved it. I would love a tea shop of my own something I have thought about a lot… We will see 🤔😉


  2. Great post! That place sounds amazing. I probably would have walked out with half the store. The Immortali-T sounds like it would be a really great tea to have in the fall. I had to look up Jasmine Downey Pearls, I’ve never seen or heard of that before. But it is something I would love to try in the future. Thanks for sharing, I’m going to check out their website and maybe order myself some of their teas.


    1. Thank you for popping in to the Tea Chest ☕ Fabulous online shopping available and super fast delivery too. Let me know if you purchase anything would love to hear about what you try ❤️

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