Ayurveda Tea – Good for the Soul ♥

Mindful Beauty ♥ I recently came across a life changing tea...pretty big call I know, but for me it has been sensational. T Bar Tea Salon (Australia) has created a Woman Ayurveda Herbal Blend and it is perfect for those days when you are under extra pressure to perform and just require some TLC and … Continue reading Ayurveda Tea – Good for the Soul ♥

Sunshine Bloggers Award Nomination!

What a way to stat the weekend with this nomination! Thank you to my fellow blogger Breakup, Makeup, Wakeup https://www.breakupmakeupwakeup.com/?m=1 for this, it has truly blown me away. Very blessed and humbled to be nominated, especially given that my blog is still brewing 😉 My understanding is that this Award is awarded to Bloggers by … Continue reading Sunshine Bloggers Award Nomination!